Winter Guide Day
on the Juan

San Juan QW | 2/19/2019

Tuesday was one of those days. As my phone's alarm jumped to life at 5:30am I groaned, "Do I have to get out of bed?" I had just shoveled for 12 hours the day before. I was sore and spent. But guide days on snow days are special. So up I sprang, loaded gear in the truck, shoveled a bit more (couldn't help myself!) and rallied down to the Juan.

Roads were brutal, especially in the 505. New Mexico knows green chiles, but their plow game needs some work. After meeting the boys, and grabbing @skillettheguide boat off we went. My guests, one a birthday boy, the other a new friend @akrone17 from @scottflyrods. I couldn't have asked for two better dudes to share the day with.

First tracks! No other boat had put in and as turned out no one did all day. Only 6-7 vehicles were in the T-hole parking lot their owners out braving the day. It might have been freeze-your-beer-solid-in-the-drink-holder kinda of cold, but there was plenty to keep us heated up as our yarn bobbers dropped or paused indicating a fish.

Waves of weather pulsed up the canyon straight into our faces, stinging us with ice and snow. A little sun peeked out late. Day late, dollar short really. It was just enough for false warmth. Tons of trout feed as eagles, hawks, ducks, gulls and geese moved on and above the water. It was awesome. We slid the boat into the vacant take-out at six as dark took the canyon over. Cold and tired, but with goofy grins. A different kind of powder day. Gotta love first tracks.

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